Empty House

05. June 2012 At the House 0
It’s really weird to walk into your old house after all the furniture has been moved out. All that time spent in those rooms- reading, watching TV, talking, cooking, playing around… How is it that I don’t live there anymore?

Next Door Neighbor Dog

05. June 2012 Neighborhood, Pets 0
Helping to distract me from moving this weekend was pet sitting for Justin’s neighbors’ menagerie. Two dogs and three cats. Pictured here is Sadie, who is quite nice to me but is emphatic about protecting her yard from passerby dogs. A lot like Martha, actually!

Ready to Move!

05. June 2012 Pets 0
Given an open car door, Martha will always jump in, hoping for a ride. This was taken on Sunday morning, the last morning of living in the old house. I’d just been commenting online that she seemed concerned about the moving process, only to go out to the car to find her waiting for me ...

Hazardous Waste

The weekend started with an epic load of paint, chemicals, and batteries to the city’s Hazardous Waste facility. Justin inherited a garage full of old paint when he moved into his place, and I’ve done a lot of painting at my old house over the last year as I got the house ready to sell. ...

Moving Weekend

01. June 2012 At the House 1
I started the process of putting my house on the market right before I met Justin.  By the time the house was on the market, we’d been dating for a couple of months.  I didn’t put my house on the market so that I could move in with Justin- I put it on the market ...